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How do you plan to disguise this Halloween? Do you want to look wicked and scary, or do you want to look adorable and funny? If you opt to choose the last, disguising in Yoshi Costume would probably be a perfect move.

Adult Super Mario Bros Yoshi Halloween CostumeYoshi is not only lovable but he is also one of the Mushroom World’s heroes. He helped in saving their homeland as well as other kingdoms on many occasions. He became a friend of Mario because he managed to defend and recue Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the Koopa Troop.

Yoshi was loved by everyone because of his unique way of speaking and his flutter jumping. He was recognized for his green-dotted egg and long-sticky tongue. Yoshi costume is presented in variety of colors but the most popular is the green colored Yoshi costume.

Wearing this cute dinosaur outfit can bring life and grace to a party. You can also bring to life Yoshi who has many abilities that helped Mario whenever he is riding him. Some of his capabilities are flying and fire breathing, His flutter jump that allows him to make a higher and longer jump in the air and his long tongue that can ingest his small enemies that he utilized in producing eggs.

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For every new release of Super Mario games, Yoshi’s talent and power are also getting better and better than before, like launching successive attacks and the Egg Toss that helps his jump increase in distance.

Yoshi costumes can be found from costume shops online. This unique and lovable costume is offered in children and adult sizes. There are also varieties of styles and designs that will surely be an apple of the eyes in any parties and events. You can attend costume parties or go trick or treating with your friends or family in complete cast of Super Mario because there are also costumes available for Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. A child Toad costume is also available.

Mario is a Nintendo’s mascot, a short and chubby plumber who always saves Princess Peach from Bowser who is constantly kidnapping her.
Mario costume includes Blue overalls, red long-sleeved shirt pair of white gloves and red cap. The cap is inscribed with Big letter M. You can be the world’s most favorite Italian plumber in this outfit. Complete the look with a black mustache and black wig.

Mario’s younger brother, Luigi who is taller than him portrays to be Mario’s assistant. To be Mario’s twin brother, you can dress up in Luigi’s costume. It includes a blue jumper, green long-sleeved shirt, and a cap with big letter L. Complete the costume with a big curling mustache and white gloves.

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For Mario and Luigi’s accessories, they can wear plumber boots or a pair of thick leather shoes. They can also bring a plunger for their prop. You can be the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom in a Princess Peach Toadstool costume. It includes a jeweled pink dress in peasant style top, a pair of long white gloves, and a gold crown.

Another Mario’s loyal side-kick is Toad. The Toad costume is the simplest Costume which includes only a blue with gold trimming vest, and a white Toad cap or headwear with red polka dots. You can wear any plain colored jeans, shirt and shoes that you think will match your vest.

These wonderful collections of Super Mario costumes are based on Nintendo video games. They can be collected from the many virtual shops online that offers character costumes for occasions like costume or theme parties, Halloween parties, or role playing. They are available in children and adult sizes, various designs and colors at reasonable prices.

Get a set of your own Yoshi costume now and be the most endearing dinosaur of the event. Feel the excitement of being Mario’s side-kick and show off your new talents and abilities to grab everybody’s attention this Halloween.