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Yoshi is one of the heroes of the exciting Super Mario Brothers arcade game, and a Yoshi child costume is a great idea for a hero to go trick or treating for Halloween sweets.

yoshi child costumeYoshi was originally introduced because the malevolent King Bowser initiated an incredible attack on the peaceful Dinosaur Land, but as Yoshi went to defend the land the evil Bowser captures the little Yoshi in special eggs. The eggs were presented to the Koopalings, but all of the eggs are able to escape to Yoshi’s island. Mario and Luigi, who just happened to be on holiday in Dinosaur Land when the attack started, when the evil King kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi are searching for Princess Peach when they found Yoshi’s eggs and released their old friend. Together the tree of them set off to rescue Princess Peach from the horrid King Bowser. Yoshi was instrumental in figuring out how to get them to where Princess Peach was being held, and he was able to eat many of the enemies who got in their way. They were successful and became fast friends, having many more adventures together.

Outfit for Youngest Yoshi

When trying to figure out what costume would be unique for a night out trick or treating, consider a Yoshi child costume, because Yoshi was one of the heroes in the wonderful Mario Brothers arcade game. This Yoshi outfit is a green jumpsuit that is complete with the head and tail little Yoshi and he has a white front and throat. The outfit has a full hood that is made with the snout, head, face, and head of Yoshi. There are red scalloped spines from the back of the head to the top of the tail. If the little Yoshi is having some luck, he’ll get to go trick or treating with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, the evil King Bowser would be nowhere around and hopefully Princess Peach won’t be kidnapped again. This is a wonderful little outfit that costs less than $35 and comes in children’s small, medium, and large sizes.

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One great accessory that the little Yoshi child costume needs is a pair of black gloves, so that he doesn’t get his little hands dirty while out trick or treating. These gloves are available sized for children and cost less than $5.

Another great accessory that the little Yoshi will need in this great little outfit is a pair of good boots to keep his feet from getting hurt. These boots have a 1/2 inch heel and the faux leather has a raised cuff on the top of the boot. This pair of boots is affordably priced under $35 and they come in children’s sizes small, medium, and large.

On-line Ordering

The easiest and most convenient way to get the Yoshi child costume is to order and purchase the outfit and the accessories on-line. They are less expensive than the ones in the local costume stores, and it saves time, money, and gas from driving all over.